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Dr.Marvin Ho, the current president of TLI

Rev. Egbert W.Andrews
   TLI (Taipei Language Institute), founded in June, 1956 in New Jersey, USA, was originally named the Missionary Language Institute, and opened school in September in Taipei under the leadership of two founders, Rev. Egbert W. Andrews and Dr. Marvin Ho, for the purpose of instructing missionaries with regards Chinese language and culture. Owing to the excellent quality of instruction it offered, it soon became popular with foreign trainees. In 1958, the name was changed to Taipei Language Institute (TLI) and the school began offering Chinese to all foreigners, including people from government, trade and business, and those with religious affiliations. TLI thus became the first Chinese teaching institute for foreigners in China.

  As early as 1959, TLI signed a contract with the U.S. Department of State to train American diplomats in Taiwan, including the personnel of the American Embassy, Military Advisory Assistance Group and Mutual Defense headquarters, as well as their families. These relations lasted for 20 years. During this period, teachers and trainees respected and learned from each other, making meaningful contributions to understanding between Taiwan and the United States

 Mrs. Noordhoff, Mr. Sprunger, Mr. Rice and Mr. McGill (from left to right), inspect Taipei Language Institute. (far left)
 Chinese Language School at the Foreign Service Institute (the U.S. Department of State regularly sent students to TLI for  language training). Founder Dr. Marvin Ho, discusses students' progress with the Principal, Mr. Kok.(second to the  left)
In December 1963, TLI faculty gather in front of Ren Ai Church, the first TLI institute in Taipei. (second to the right)
In 1966, TLI faculty gather for TLI’s 10th anniversary. (far right)