Golden Ages流金歲月

  • 1964, Late president Chiang Ching Kuo, meets with TLI’s foreign student’s to discuss their language training progress. President Chiang, took a few moments to test the students on their Chinese knowledge and explained the Chinese culture to them.

  • [1963] TLI advisors visited TLI Taipei in 1963 to establish school operations.

  • [1963] In December of 1963, TLI gathers in front of the first TLI campus in Taipei

  • [1966] TLI 10th anniversary.

  • [1967] Summer of 1967, TLI moved to its new location on the 3rd Floor of Zhong Xiao Building.

  • [1967] Famous writer, Dr. Lin Yu Tang visits TLI in 1967 to present a speech.

  • [1967] TLI celebrated 11th Anniversary in 1967.

  • [1967] Dr. Ho establishes the Chinese Research department at Delhi University in India. TLI colleagues give him a warm welcome as he arrives to Song San Airport.

  • [1976] TLI 20th anniversary.

Celebrity endorsements傑出校友

TLI Development

Taipei Language was founded in June 1956, formerly named Missionary Language Institute; it was a privately owned institute established to teach foreign missionaries Chinese, and the school was praised by many. In 1958, it changed its name to Taipei Language Institute and was the first Chinese language school opened to all international students.


TLI signed a contract with the US Department of State to teach Chinese to American diplomats, including officials and their spouses in the US Embassy, Military Assistance Advisory Group, and United States Taiwan Defense Command for 20 years.

June 1967

Dr. Marvin went to University of Delhi and opened the Chinese Studies Design Course, completed “Comparative Study of Chinese and Indian Phonetics” as the foundation in training Indian Chinese teachers.

October 1971

TLI established the Hong Kong Language Institute, in Kowloon, to train foreign religious groups, businesspeople, diplomats, and locals. The school also bought a time slot from OCTV to air its Chinese Language show once a week, becoming the first ever in TV education history.


TLI assisted Buena Vista University in establishing a Chinese language program and became sister schools. In 1987, invited by the Governor of Alaska, TLI assisted Alaska Pacific University in starting a Chinese Language Department and became sister schools.


Finally, in February 1994, TLI hosted the “First Cross-Strait Language Study Seminar” and invited cross-strait and foreign Language experts to discuss and integrate cross-strait language characters.

June 1995

TLI and Beijing Language and Culture University hosted the Cross-Strait Chinese Language Collaborative Study Seminar, resulting in the collaboration of Modern Chinese Cross-Strait Dictionary.

[ Modern Chinese Cross-Strait Dictionary ]

The undertaking of this dictionary was primarily funded by TLI. With tremendous effort from both sides on this era-defining project, the Mainland China edition was published in 2003 in Beijing and the Taiwan edition in October 2006 in Taipei. It provided foreigners a tool to understand cross-strait cultures.

  • John King Fairbank

    Dedicated much of his life to the promoting and study of modern and contemporary China studies. In 1955, John King Fairbank founded the Center of East Asian Research at Harvard University, where he graduated summa cum lauded in 1929.

  • J. Stapleton Roy

    Mr. Stapleton Roy, TLI’s outstanding alumnus and former U. S. ambassador in Beijing, made a great contribution in promoting relationshop among the U.S., China, and Taiwan

  • Clarence Martin Wilbur

    Prof. Wilbur was a proud alumnus of TLI Taipei. He studied for a period of time from 1962-1963 and returned again to TLI in 1977 to continue his studies. Served for 29 years as a menber of the history department at Columbia University, and 10 years as the director of Columbia’s Center for Far Eastern Studies.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Dean

    Former Director of American Institute in Taiwan, Taipei Office, Mr. & Mrs. Dean were both honorary alumni of TLI. They retired on Dec. 8, 1986, having devoted and contributed to the bridging between Taiwan and the US, after fulfilling their 4-year mission.

  • Cornelius Kubler

    Past Directors of the Chinese & English Departments in the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the US Department of State, AIT Chinese Academy Dean, Director of the Asian-African Language Department of the FSI all studied and mastered Chinese and Taiwanese in TLI in 1970, and represented TLI in International Student Speech Competition, and won the champion.

  • Wiliam Cunningham

    TLI's outstanding alumnus and Chinese expert. Served as the Secretary of State for 30 years, and acted as TLI's program coordinator for numerous foreign service institutions.

  • Dr. Samuel Noordhoff

    Honorary Chairman of Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, and his wife Lucy Noordhoff were the recipients of a NT$1,000,000 award from the Lian Chen-tung Cultural Fundation. Taiwan Province Governor Lian Chan presented the award to the Noordhoff's for their outstanding work in benefitting the lives of countless people in Taiwan.

  • Nicholas D. Kristof

    The first married couple awarded The Pulitzer Price International Reporting. Born in Chicago in 1956 and raised in Oregon. Studying law in Harvard University, he interned in Washington Post . In 1984, he joined The New York Times. He came to TLI in 1987 to study Chinese.

  • Sheryl Wu Dunn

    Awarded The Pulitzer Price International Reporting . She received B.A. in European History from Cornell University, her M.B.A. from Harvard University and M.P.A. from Princeton University. She worked for Reuters - Hong Kong Division in 1987, and met Nicholas D. Kristof in Hong Kong and came to Taiwan to learn Chinese together.

Golden Years

Golden Years

Golden Years

Missionary Language Institute was registered in June 1956, and was established in Taiwan in September. Rev. Egbert W. Andrews and Dr. Marvin Ho dedicated their entire life to train foreign missionaries to learn Chinese and to understand Chinese culture.

Formally registered as Taipei Language Institute in 1976 under the Ministry of Education and Dr. Zhang Jian-Bang as Chairman and Former Vice President Hsieh Tung-min as honorary Chairman in 1984. In 1997, Chairman Zhang resigned and joined the President’s cabinet, remaining as part-time Chairman to continue promoting Chinese education over 22 years. The board appointed Dr. Marvin Ho as Chairman and Principle till 2010.

Praised by many foreigners, the school changed its name to Taipei Language Institute in 1958 and was the first Chinese language school opened to international students.

TLI focused on helping different industries to train people to become proficient in Chinese, stimulating International trade & cultural exchange. Renowned for its course design, material developing, and teacher training since 1956, the school has become the role-model for other international language institutes.

After the U.N. has listed Chinese as one of the official international language and China has opened its market, huge amount of people started to learn Chinese. This trend has rapidly grown and will continue throughout the century, which drives TLI to press on.