Chinese Learning中文課程教學介紹

Started back in 1956, TLI has been leading the global Chinese education. Our skills are the pursued standard for many language schools, including the skills on course design, textbook composing and teacher’s training. For over half of a century, there has been more than a hundred thousand students that was trained by TLI, and became influential personal in many fields of

Chinese has over 5000 years of culture and history, and more than a quarter of the Earth’s population as its followers. In the world of 21st century, English and Chinese will become the mainstream of the international language. Are you involved in cross-strait business? Do you wants to join the latest trend of Asian market? Then look no further, TLI is the answer to your ambitions. TLI provides individual and group courses that are specifically tailored for your personal need and experience. The course is effective, reasonable, diverse and multilayered. What students learn in the class can easily be transfer into daily life scenarios. From pronunciations, grammar and conversations, TLI will build your Chinese foundation with ever-developing methods of teaching, taking you to the peak of language learning.