English Learning英文課程教學介紹

Over half of century worth of International teaching experience – Outstanding foreign professors and teachers leading the customized elite training programs.

With people-oriented philosophy in mind, TLI sets the teaching concept based on your expected situations, goals, and other settings. While you are learning, we provide innovative, unique, and effective learning programs based on your need, target, progress, location, and time. In the center, you can benefit from the resources TLI has, including interaction with foreign students who have come to learn Chinese, stimulating abilities to active learning and critical thinking through experiencing culture shock and a diverse environment. All foreign teachers in TLI hold a bachelor degree or higher, with many years of teaching experience and certificates that qualify their work. From one on one to group classes, your overall need for learning will be met after an in-depth discussion with our learning advisor; we will design and plan your learning with the most suitable materials, so you can achieve the high level of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.