Request of absence and makeup classes

Q:What are the rules for asking for time off?

A: First log in to the system and make a request of absence online. When TLI administrative personnel receive notification through the system, they will contact you by telephone or text message to make a confirmation. Each branch school has slightly different regulations, so those who just inform them in person, are past the time limit, or do so on the day that they wish to be absent, will be considered to have an unexcused absence and will not be provided with a makeup class. In order to protect your rights to attend class, you must read each branch school’s regulations before taking leave or ask the branch school by phone.

Class time scheduling

Q:How do students arrange their class schedules?

A:If you choose group classes, individual classes, or a combination, the class schedule is arranged according to your needs. Regardless of whether it is in the daytime, evening, weekdays, or weekends, class times can be made to accommodate your needs and be flexibly arranged.
In order to protect each student’s rights and quality of learning, TLI administrative personnel will be informed of your language level and learning needs in order to arrange for suitable instructors and clearly explain matters needing attention.

Q:Is there a way to arrange classes for those who are unable to attend class at fixed times because they are frequently away on business?

A:As long as you request for a leave of absence in accordance with the regulations, TLI can assist you in arranging a makeup class. However, if there is no way that you can attend class at fixed times, we can also assist in arranging classes according to your needs.


Q:I don’t have enough cash. Can I pay a deposit first?

A:Of course. We accept cash and credit card payments (JCB, Mastercard, Visa), but before you begin class you must pay the tuition, and afterwards you can continue to arrange classes.

Q:May I have a discount off the registration fee?

A:Sorry, but each time students begin classes they must all pay a one-time registration fee. In the future, regardless of which school you want to enroll in classes, you do not need to pay the registration fee again. We will hold periodic unscheduled promotional “no registration fee” offers. Please check our upcoming activities information at any time.

Q:How do I pay tuition fees?

A:You can pay tuition fees using cash, credit card (JCB, Mastercard, Visa), or by bank transfer.

Q:May I invite friends and relatives to attend classes?

A:Yes. We offer group classes, and you can select the curriculum, learning materials, and class times. Your study advisor can arrange suitable instructors to teach the lessons.

Q:Do outside group classes have to pay the registration fee? Do I have to fill out the registration form?

A:As long as it is the first time studying through TLI, you must pay the registration fee. The registration form can be returned to the company contact person with a list of the students’ names.

Q:Do I have to pay an extra transportation fee for outside classes?

A:In addition to tuition, a transportation fee is paid to the instructors out of the fee for outside classes.


Q:What is the registration procedure?

A:Please first register to become a member, and then select “register.” In just three easy steps, you can complete the registration.

Q:What curriculum does TLI offer?

A:Please consult “Course Introduction.” You can attend class at any of our locations around the world. We can send instructors to outside locations designated by students. Of course we also offer on-line lessons. There is professional instruction for individual lessons, group classes, and customized combinations of group and individual lessons, and each class is 50 minutes long.

Q:Can I audit a class first and then decide whether or not to enroll?

A:Sorry, but in consideration of students’ rights, regardless of whether it is an individual class or a group class, TLI does not provide auditing services; however, you can pay tuition for one class, and after experiencing it firsthand, then decide whether or not to register.

Q:Are there courses to prepare for standardized tests?

A:Yes, we provide training courses for standardized tests in every language. We can get an initial understanding of your needs from the content of your registration, and then communicate further about your learning requirements through two-way consultations. Regardless of whether you want to emphasize strengthening your listening ability and speaking abilities for a spoken examination, or emphasize reading, grammar, and writing compositions a written test, we will carefully map out a course of study that is suitable for you.


Q:How are instructors selected? What are the qualifications?

A:In order to allow students the stimulating influence of good teachers, every instructor’s level of professionalism is carefully checked. Our instructors are native speakers with a university degree or above and have professional teaching qualifications and plentiful experience. Before new instructors are hired, they are all required to undergo strict teacher training and guidance, and there are regularly scheduled teaching conferences to ensure quality instruction.

Q:Can I choose or change instructors?

A:Yes. In accordance with students’ learning needs and situations, we provide language instruction services and arrange instructors that are most suitable for you. If you have any thoughts about your instructors’ teaching, you are welcome to notify TLI’s administrative personnel. After the administrative personnel clearly understand any interaction problems in the classroom situation, we will make adjustments that are most suitable for you. You can leave information at “contact us,” and we will promptly contact you.

Q:What are the nationalities of the foreign teachers? Can we select the instructor’s nationality?

A:The majority of our instructors are American. Many of them are English, and some are from countries such as Canada, Australia, and South Africa etc. If you have special needs regarding nationality (factors such as immigration, studying abroad, or examinations), you may notify us when arranging your class, and TLI administrative personnel will arrange an instructor in compliance with your wishes. Please consult “Teacher Introductions”.

Q:I am a beginner student. What are your methods of instruction?

A:Don’t worry. Our instructors all have foreign language abilities and plentiful teaching experience. Every learning consultant will arrange a suitable instructor according to your situation and needs. Please consult “Teaching Characteristics” for further explanation and a more detailed introduction.

Teaching Materials

Q:What teaching materials does TLI use?

A:TLI’s Mandarin language courses use materials created by TLI, and they are suitable for all levels and subject matter needs. The foreign language materials are carefully selected by your learning advisor from the main foreign language materials on the market for learning and international practice.

Q:May I study my own books in class?

A:Yes. Please inform TLI’s administrative personnel what materials you would like to use when you arrange classes so that the instructors can prepare in advance. Thank you.

Q:How are materials selected that are suitable for my level?

A:Besides writing your personal information, learning experience, and study plans, when you register the learning counselor will interview you and assess your language level. This allows instructors to understand your level before class, and also through interacting with you in the classroom, instructors will gain an understanding of your learning needs and level and then select learning materials and books.