Culture Programs文化體驗學習介紹

Traditional Music Studies

Traditional music is an artform that simultaneously encompasses the qualities of beauty, moderation, creativity, tradition, and the ethereal. It is based on the pentatonic scale. TLI’s team has meticulously planned ten core curricula, including basic instruction, traditional Chinese music appreciation, and lessons in traditional instruments, such as the huqin, zither, guqin, and Chinese drums etc. In addition to learning language, students can learn to understand the beauty of Chinese culture through traditional music.

Song and Film Appreciation

In the contemporary world of global Mandarin popular music, there are countless great songs worthy of repeated listening, and Mandarin songs play an important part in the development of popular music around the world. TLI has selected popular songs that are representative and timely and allow students to study Chinese through the lyrics and catchy tunes. Additionally, students can gain a familiarity and understanding of Chinese culture through film. The film appreciation curriculum includes watching movies from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. TLI selects movies that also allow students to concurrently gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture while also making strides in their Chinese language learning.

Taichi and Chinese Kungfu Studies

Whether it is for use in martial arts, taking care of health, or for physical fitness, Taichi can be summarized by the phrase: “once in motion there is no motionlessness.” In Taichi every movement is gathered from within – in addition to being a powerful way to train the body, it can also be used to cultivate mental and spiritual character. Kungfu, also known as Wugong, is the crystallization of the nation’s wisdom, and it merges Confucianism with Taoism to temper force with mercy. TLI has selected instructors with strong foundations to instruct students in Taichi and Kungfu.

Interactive Gourmet Banquets

[ Chinese Cuisine ]
TLI’s gourmet instruction allows students to study Mandarin while they are learning about cuisine. The TLI team guides students in learning Chinese cooking techniques and making Chinese pastries, such as potstickers, dumplings, and scallion pancakes etc. Each year there are activities for students to celebrate holidays by making seasonal dishes, such as “tangyuan” dumplings for the Lantern Festival and “zongzi” rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival.

[ Western Cuisine ]
Fine food has no national boundaries, and the foreign language teachers at TLI personally teach students how to make western dishes, such as pizza, alfredo pasta, brownies, and cookies. This enables students to study English in a relaxed and fun atmosphere while also learning about cuisine.

[ Wine-Tasting Programs ]
TLI has selected licensed sommeliers, who provide English instruction in how to distinguish different wines and in tasting techniques at interactive wine-tasting events, in order to convey proper wine-tasking etiquette. This allows students to appreciate and increase their knowledge of wines while strengthening their English abilities. It also allows students to have confidence and charisma at international dining events.