Our Teachers優秀師資團隊介紹

2014 Teachers' Day

Our Team of Teachers

The TLI Teaching Team is composed of an excellent group of professional teachers who have a mastery of Chinese, Japanese, English, French, Spanish and many other languages. Our experienced teachers are the core of TLI’s success. All of our teachers have post-secondary degrees and highly qualified backgrounds in language teaching.

Our professional teachers are passionate about teaching and language learning. By implementing interesting lessons tailored to their students’ needs, abilities, and interests, TLI’s teachers are able to activate the learning process and promote language skill development. Many of our teachers have experience teaching business language courses, and some hold degrees in business management. This allows our teachers to bring a higher level of specialized professional knowledge and experience to business and professional language instruction.

Our Chinese Teachers

All of our Chinese teachers are university graduates and native speakers of Mandarin Chinese. Our teachers are equipped with a deep knowledge of Chinese culture, language, and language education, having graduated from our Chinese Teacher Training Program. In addition to this training, all TLI teachers have relevant certifications and experience. TLI’s Mandarin teachers participate in regularly scheduled training seminars and receive continuing education via student feedback and special topic-based seminars. Through our continuing education system, our teachers improve their teaching qualifications while getting hands-on experience.

Our Foreign Language Teachers

All of our foreign language instructors have relevant work experience and hold at least university-level degrees. Our English language teaching staff also possess TESOL/TEFL certifications. TLI foreign language teachers have a wealth of practical teaching experience and most of our teachers have some level of Mandarin skill. Our teachers are exceptional at providing interesting and effective lessons to develop students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities. TLI teachers also enhance and broaden students’ general cultural knowledge while providing meaningful and fun classroom experiences.