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Outside Classes

Since our establishment, TLI has been driven by the philosophy of putting the student’s needs first. One example of this is our Outside Class services. Whether you select individual (one-on-one) or group classes, TLI will provide you with a curriculum that gets you results. Our TLI Curriculum Design Team will help administer language level tests so that we can focus on your specific language needs. From there, they will organize a practical curriculum and assign a qualified teacher to teach your course at whatever location is best for you! This added level of convenience makes it easier for you to go to class, because the class comes to you! Students who use this service enjoy the flexibility and convenience of getting a top quality TLI language course from the location of their choice.

Business Cooperation

「Employee Training」TLI provides practical business language courses. To help companies provide training for their employees, we can arrange for a teacher to teach these courses at your company. With their deep understanding of business and professional language needs, the TLI Curriculum Design Team will examine each student’s level and then design a curriculum tailored to the language needs of your company and its employees. Whether you are interested in courses for individuals or groups, the business language and communication skills covered in these classes are guaranteed to be invaluable to your company.

「Popular Business Courses」Our personalized courses can meet the needs of your employee training program. We can help widen the scope of employee training, set learning goals, and design a course that suits the needs and language levels of your employees. Our individual management courses are especially helpful for upper-intermediate level managers who are looking to improve their overall language skills. Following a communicative approach, this course enables students to improve their speaking and listening through discussing topics relevant to their field of work. Teachers aim to incorporate a broad range of topics and perspectives in these courses in order to improve both language as well as overall problem-solving skills. All teachers of these courses have relevant certification.

In addition to these classes, we also offer general business classes focusing on all four skills language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) available for learners at all levels, from beginner to advanced.