Chinese Teacher Training Authentication華語師資培訓認證

Ever since the founding of TLI in 1956, the school has been given the name of “Chines teaching center for foreign students”.

For over six decades, TLI have trained over ten-thousand Chinese teachers, all of who have become renowned in their own fields, such as Prof. Gongyi Kao from Stanford University, Prof. Zhiping Zhou from Princeton University, Prof. Chih-Chiao Chao from Chicago University, Prof. Bi-Lun Shih from Cornell University, Prof. Guangcai Chen from Wisconsin University, Prof. Siqi Chen and Prof. Huangyi Xia from Washington University, Prof. Helen Lin from Yale University, Prof. Shangxian He from University of Hawaii, Prof. Hsiao-Min Wang from Whittier University, Prof. Aiying Sun from University of California, San Diego, Prof. Xue-Ping Wu of US Defense Language Institute, Prof. Chunhua Yu and Prof. Yichun Tsung from University of Toronto, Prof. Jiming Yi from Hong Kong Chinese University, Prof. Fanghua Ju from Singapore Nanyang University, and Mr. Yu Hou (Personal Mandarin teacher of Lee Kuan Yew, president of Singapore), they are all examples of Chinese teachers that honors TLI.

For over sixty years, TLI teachers are hired by department of Chinese in many foreign universities, including Canada, United States, Japan, as well as Taiwan.

Currently, there are over a thousand of teachers of TLI who are currently teaching in our branches around the world. In the time of recession and the trend of Chinese learning, becoming a Chinese teacher is your best bet for your second profession. In here, you will master the art of Chinese education, and become the wanted elites that many corporations need.

Courses Offered課程介紹

Regular Teacher’s Courses

Through series of teacher’s training programs, including methods of learning and teaching Mandarin, pronunciation, sentence structure, listening, speaking, reading and writing, teachers are trained to understand the differences of students in various countries and have solid grasp on teaching methods. TLI’s teacher’s training program is second to none, and it is the best possible choice for elites who wish to take their teaching career into different levels.

Standard Pronunciation Courses

TLI’s Pronunciation courses focus on correcting student’s personal pronunciation and tone, providing professional teaching team to adjust each student’s pronunciation. Having standard pronunciation is not only useful for teaching students, it is also considered mandatory for oral speeches and report on regular meetings. TLI’s enriched teaching experience and strong teaching team will improve your speaking ability to a charming standard.

Advanced courses for applied teaching

This course is prepared exclusively for those who wish to learn how to teach Mandarin. It is without questions the best choice for any Mandarin teachers regardless of previous experiences. This course hires teachers who have decades of teaching experiences, leading you to a higher standard of teaching and escalate your confidence through various training, such as composing of teaching materials and real-time teaching practices.

Inheritance of Experience

TLI have over six decades of solid teaching experience to foreign students. This course will pass on all of the teaching experiences we have earned from different branches in the world, including the States, Canada, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Canton, Suzhou and Taiwan. You will learn the differences on students from various regions, as well as how to interact and communication techniques when dealing with foreigners.

Goals of Teaching

The Teacher’s training program of TLI, emphasis on comprehensive and theoretical methods of teaching, leading students to grasp the techniques and skills of Mandarin education in shortest amount of time.

Training Targets

  • Interested in Chinese teaching, wants to become professional Chinese teachers.
  • Planning to migrate to foreign countries and become Chinese teachers.
  • Learn a second professional skill and become more competitive as an elite in the society.
  • Plan to study aboard, improving knowledge of Chinese education.
  • Interested in composing Chinese teaching materials, wants to join the text book editing career.

    Course Planning

  • 01
    Learning Methods to learn and teach Chinese for Foreigners
  • 02
    Pronunciation training and comparison of Phonetic and Pinyin
  • 03
    Learn the second language
  • 04
    Chinese sentence structure in theory and actual application
  • 05
    Practice of oral speech listening and in-class application
  • 06
    Methods and materials of teaching Mandarin for children
  • 07
    Theory of teaching Chinese characters and applied teaching
  • 08
    Authentication of Cross-strait Mandarin teacher and introduction of textbook on Chinese standard exam
  • 09
    Theory of reading teaching and applied teaching
  • 10
    Business mandarin textbook and teaching methods for foreigners
  • 11
    The designing of teaching materials and methods of teaching for online courses
  • 12
    Comparisons of vocabularies in simplified and traditional Chinese
  • 13
    Cultural literacy and competitiveness of Mandarin Teachers
  • 14
    Observation and Discussion of demonstration teaching
  • 15
    Methods of practicing Standard Mandarin Pronunciation
  • 16
    Expression of Chinese and Mandarin’s oral speaking

Teaching Prospects

  • Period of Study Completed
    Those who qualify for their grade will be given a certificate of completion in both Chinese and English version. Those who stand out on their grade may apply to teach in any of our branches in Taiwan.
  • Teaching for over one year
    Those who perform well may apply and become our teachers in reserve for “TLI Online Mandarin Teaching Program”
  • Teaching for over two years
    Those who perform well may apply and become a teacher in our institute; such as in States, Canada, Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Canton, Suzhou or Tokyo.
  • Teaching for over three years
    Those who perform well will be recommended to the sisters schools of TLI in States or Japan and become a full-time Chinese teacher of those institutes. They can also be recommended to become a Chines teacher or teaching assistant in other universities.

Other Items

1. This course will record attendance, students who are absent for more than three times will not receive a certificate of completion. 2. The final exam includes two parts, written and oral exam, as well as a “Learning Report”. 3. When encountering natural disasters (Typhoon, Earthquake) or any other unstoppable factors that prevent the class from happening, TLI will cancel the class according to the announcement of Taipei City governments. 4. TLI hires linguistic advisors and professional lecturer with over ten years of experience to take you into the deepest core of Mandarin theory and techniques, building a firm foundation for your future career.